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Hiking and Identifying Native Plants in Point Lobos

I planned this wonderful trip with Henrik down in Monterey.  And my was it a fun filled activity packed weekend!  We  first met up with my friends Raul and Kelly on Friday night to have dinner at Passionfish which is a famous local seafood restaurant.  We had a fantastic time as I always do with Raul and Kelleeeh.  When the four of us get together, we make quite a ruckus where ever we go!  🙂  The next morning Henrik brewed us some fresh coffee and off we went, sans breakfast, down 1 South.  I was surprised how close our destination was to the Carmel Barnyard/Crossroads off 1.  Even though I have lived in Monterey during my high school years, I had never been to Point Lobos!  So we got in with no issue and were notified that our $9 admission would also get us in free to any of the other parks close by.  It was heavenly!  Point Lobos is sooo beautiful!  I took lots of photos as you can see!

I’m still learning about my native California plants.  I have signed up with which has helped immensely in identifying plants.  Trouble is, being so inexperienced at this, and with the plants not all having bloomed, the pictures are a little more difficult to identify.  So any help would be extremely appreciated!

I’ll tell you though, I’m hooked on Dudleyas!  I found that patch of beach plants at the Del Monte Blvd Exit in Seaside was a really interesting community of Sea Thrifts (Armeria Maritima) and lots of Dudleya Cymosas.  I later figured out that I had also seen Dudleya Edulis, which I mistook for being related to the ice plants that have taken over as a non native.  I have also been able to identify Dudleya Farinosa that I found in Point Lobos.

I also enjoy Salvias.  There is a large variety of native salvias and I only own one.  Again, I found large bushes of salvias in Point Lobos, but because they haven’t bloomed yet, it was impossible for me to identify them.

January has brought me colorful blooms

It’s January in San Jose and the weather is just unbelievably nice.  Here are some of my beautiful flowers on the patio.

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New Years Even Resolutions for the Garden

  1. Continue to spread awareness through California Native Garden Foundation as Board Member and Treasurer. (continuously drop it in my conversations when I meet new people)
  2. Start composting.    (started as of Jan 1st)
  3. Start growing vegetables on the roof.  More specifically tomatoes and cucumbers.
  4. Expand my California native plant collection so as to attract “native” beneficial insects.  One specific flower I plan to have is the California Poppy.  (purchased the CA Poppy seeds on January 10th)
  5. Fertilize my vanda orchid (weekly weakly).  I’ve been slacking off on this and haven’t been able to get my vanda to bloom since I purchased it in mid 2011.

*Updates in Green

Rummaging for Rose Hips in Downtown San Jose

We haven’t quite reached the end of summer even though it’s already almost November and everyone’s asking me what are my plans for Thanksgiving.

The Victorian house I live in is surrounded by lots of well established roses which had their rose petals fall already.  This week I looked up at the rose bushes and saw these beautifully vibrant colored rose hips.  So I did what any horticulture blogger would do!  I harvested some of them.  I will get my neighbors involved if I like the outcome.  After I collected them, I asked my buddy Mark for recommendations on how to use the rose hips.  I consider him to be an expert in this field as he is English and has experience with growing roses.  His reccomendation was to brew the tea with dried rose hips or fresh ones.  After smelling the fresh rose hips, I have decided to let them dry out first.

Giant Sunflowers

On my trip to Monterey to visit my dad yesterday, I found these giant sunflowers bordering someone’s yard. They are much taker than me.. > 5.1feet. Enjoy the pictures! Ps… The stems were so strong and thick that the flowers apparently did not need any vertical support.



Sunflower surprise

I was just visiting my Dad’s house in Monterey and sipping some Ridge wine out on the patio and noticed two large sunflowers in the backyard! We have no idea how the seeds got there because surely my Dad didn’t plant them. He’s not as interested in gardening as I am. Here are pictures of Dad’s sunflowers that appear to have edible seeds!




A new habitation deep in downtown San Jose

About a year ago, I was fantasizing about my dream house.  I was pondering weather to move back down to Monterey and live in Carmel.  My dream house would be a tiny Hansel and Gretel cottage (preferably with all the candy bits) with a garden in the back twice or thrice the size of the main dwelling itself.  There I would come home from work and spend most of my free time tending to my lusciously green garden.

Alas, I’ve moved once again.  Most of you might be guessing I am some sort of gypsy lady, but I promise you I am nothing of the sort.  Life happens…  Break ups happen.  And now being on my own in my own studio apartment downtown I can focus on my real passion, which is the roof top gardening.  It’s funny where life takes you.  I had to find a new place to live quickly (and I think I found it within a week).  I had put the word out and whether you want to call it karma or kismet, my good friend Geraldine found me her next door unit.  It’s a tiny studio, however the “roof/deck” is perfect for my gardening.  I get tons of sun which is a great blessing.  I still have the same plants but added new loot to my collection from Lowes last night.

Here are a few pictures I snapped this morning.

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