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Lewisia – my current favorite CA Native plant


Euphorbia Obesa Flowers

Euphorbia Obesa 2

Euphorbia Obesa 2

Euphorbia Obesa 3

I was in heaven when I found this beautiful specimen plant at the last CSSSJ plant sale.  It’s common name is the baseball plant.  I think it looks more like a dead sea urchin.

I never knew ferns could bloom till I observed asparagus fern flowers.

Asparagus Fern 2

Asparagus Fern 3

Asparagus Fern 4

Asparagus Fern 5

The Hover Fly

Hoverfly 2

Hoverfly 1

Hoverfly 3

Hoverfly 4

Yarrow flowers attract itty bitty Carpet Beetles!

Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles on Yarrow Flower

Flowers blooming all over on this San Jose Roof Garden

Aloinopsis luckhoffii Flower

Echeveria Halbingeri Flower

Kalanchoe Humilis Flower

Echinofossulocactus Multicostatus Flower

Dudleya Saxosa Flower

Armeria Maritima White Flowers

The short & sweet story of a beautiful city girl coming to grow affection for a prickly cactus

Pretty much every other day I step into my roof top garden in this fabulous spring season, I find new growth, new blossoms, or buds popping up.  It’s so much fun to look forward to!  Today I was watering my plants as usual and monitoring the insects (good and bad) that visit my plants.  I found such a cool surprise!  I had gotten this cactus as a party favor in December (2.5 months ago) at the Cactus and Succulent Society of San Jose (CSSSJ) holiday party and now it is about to bloom!  I never liked cacti and this specimen is the only one I own.  I couldn’t help the smile on my face when I saw these itty bitty buds on top of such a forbidding looking plant naturally engineered to cause pain.  Now, we wait for the buds to bloom!

Echinofossulocactus Multicostatus

Echinofossulocactus Multicostatus Profile

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