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Nymph to Adult: Red Shouldered Green Stink Bug (Thyanta Pallidovirens) Growth

Thyanta pallidovirens 1st Instar Nymph
Poor focus quality was due to the bug being so tiny and running around so quickly!
I can’t blame them at that stage. One wasp kept dining on them a la carte. I even got to watch the wasp eat a nymph at such close proximity. Definitely a downtown San Jose National Geographic moment!

Thyanta pallidovirens

Thyanta pallidovirens

Thyanta pallidovirens – 5th Instar Nymph.
Notice the defining of the “shoulders”

Adult Thyanta pallidovirens

First time I’ve seen a coccoon!




The Hover Fly

Hoverfly 2

Hoverfly 1

Hoverfly 3

Hoverfly 4

Yarrow flowers attract itty bitty Carpet Beetles!

Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles on Yarrow Flower

Making love for 2…making love for 2 minutes! Soldier Beetles mating caught on camera!

Two Soldier Beetles mating

Soldier Beetles mating

Beneficial Insects Poster By UC Davis

Click on the link to download

PDF Download

What are you? Unusual insect visits my garden.

The Soldier's a beneficial insect that eats aphids and their larvae! Woot woot!

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