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Adventures after Dark

Adorable little bee! Breathtaking picture!

Nature's Place

P1080586 - Mark Berkery

Because of advancing age and early injury that result in the slow breakdown of the body, I make compensations or compromises to go on doing what I most enjoy as far as practical application of my skills, character and predisposition are concerned.

P1080211 - Mark Berkery

So, in the cool of the night, rather than the heat of the day, I have been making the best of what I know of the wildlife hear-abouts – capturing them while they sleep or are otherwise less cognisant of me and my approach for a shot.

P1080598 - Mark Berkery

Since finding them and learning of their roosting and sleeping habits a few years ago bee’s have been my favourite creature to image, especially at the dawn or dusk when the temperature is best for taking some time for getting the composition right – for my taste – especially the now little seen Leaf-Cutter bee.

P1080399 - Mark Berkery

I am long past chasing them…

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Would you care for some tea? How about infused spa water?

I want to welcome you to a new series of posts I will be writing weekly.  I have a new thirst for infused waters and home made ice teas with an extra little je ne sais quoi.

I had purchased a Cool Waters by Brian Preston – Campbel, about a year ago and have definitely admired the lovely pictures.  I have yet to make anything from it!  Hopefully these posts will encourage me to try them out and review them for you, because they look absolutely delicious and healthy!



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