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Nymph to Adult: Red Shouldered Green Stink Bug (Thyanta Pallidovirens) Growth

Thyanta pallidovirens 1st Instar Nymph
Poor focus quality was due to the bug being so tiny and running around so quickly!
I can’t blame them at that stage. One wasp kept dining on them a la carte. I even got to watch the wasp eat a nymph at such close proximity. Definitely a downtown San Jose National Geographic moment!

Thyanta pallidovirens

Thyanta pallidovirens

Thyanta pallidovirens – 5th Instar Nymph.
Notice the defining of the “shoulders”

Adult Thyanta pallidovirens

Red-shouldered Stink Bug nymph – Thyanta custator on Salvia Coccina “Coral Nymph”

These hemipteran nymphs were really difficult to capture because they wouldn’t sit still.  I wasn’t able to get great pictures unfortunately.  They measure to approximately 2 mm in length.  They look similar to carpet beetles, however there are a few clear dissimilarities.  First of all, the pattern on the back of the bug looks like some kind of tribal design.  The carpet beetle has more of a zigzag pattern on its back.  This bug’s shape flattens out at the edges whereas the carpet beetle is more of a bubble shape.  It also has very long antennae and thicker protruding legs compared to the carpet beetle.  Also they are about half the size of the carpet beetles.

Red-shouldered Stink Bug nymph – Thyanta custator

Red-shouldered Stink Bug nymph – Thyanta custator

Compare to the carpet beetle

Carpet Beetle

Mysterious giant wasp

It was really difficult to photograph this wasp because it wouldn’t land on a surface so I could focus my lens.  I was only able to capture this picture.  The wasp is about 1.5″/4 cm long.  It has a long elegant body.

Possible Paper Wasp

The Spotted Cucumber Beetle

The Spotted Cucumber Beetle is not a beneficial insect according to  Instead it is considered to be a destructive pest that destroys crops, primarily corn.  It’s still very cute.

Honey Bee Close Ups

I believe this bee may have stung Cashew only because my cats have been really curious about the insects flying around the patio and frequently swat at them.  Well about 2 days ago, Cashew exhibited the most bizarre behavior.  She started running back and forth as if she got stung for more than a minute.  I’ve never seen this behavior before.  Who knows what really happened to the bee, but it is possible that it’s the bee that may have stung Cashew.

Upright Deceased Honey Bee

Honey Bee Close up on Sunflower Leaf

The Hover Fly

Hoverfly 2

Hoverfly 1

Hoverfly 3

Hoverfly 4

Yarrow flowers attract itty bitty Carpet Beetles!

Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles on Yarrow Flower

Ichneumoid Wasp comes for a visit

Making love for 2…making love for 2 minutes! Soldier Beetles mating caught on camera!

Two Soldier Beetles mating

Soldier Beetles mating

It’s an Aphid Feast! Soldier Beetles gorging on invaders

Soldier Beetles on my Yarrow plant

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