Vanda Orchid

I have a confession, I love exotic orchids!

I was just driving back from Monterey to San Jose the other day and had time to kill. Whenever I make this commute I always drive by this huge sign called South Pacific Orchids by the Masten exit off 101 in Gilroy.  This day I decided to go on a mini adventure and find this orchid grower and check out his treasures. Lucky for me, I met the owner Dan who was so nice and informative about his business and orchid care!   The orchid prices ranged from $10-35.  Such a great deal!  The plants were in great health, obviously benefiting from Dan’s TLC and expert knowledge of orchids. There was such a fantastic selection of varieties I’ve never seen at the Safeways or Trader Joes’s.  I was so impressed!  Then I spotted an extra exotic flower hanging from the ceiling.  I had to have it!  Dan informed me that this orchid is named Vanda and told me to spray it with water everyday.  I’ve been spraying the roots down everyday religiously!  The flowers are just sooo beautiful!

I can not wait to go back to South Pacific Orchids and add to my exotic orchid collection!

Later when I finally got home our landlord’s parents paid Christian and I a visit to look at some power outlet issues we had at the loft.  The mother saw the new gem of my garden and got so excited.  I showed her my patio and it quickly became evident she was very knowledgeable in orchids and gardening.  She started giving me recommendations as to placement of my plants in relation to the sun exposure my patio gets.  Her suggestion was that I put the orchid in a shady location under a tree.  So as you can see, I have followed her advice and done just that.  She also told me to move my rose out into the sunniest area.  Perhaps keeping the rose in the shade is what caused it to get the mildew fungus in the first place.

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