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The Spotted Cucumber Beetle

The Spotted Cucumber Beetle is not a beneficial insect according to  Instead it is considered to be a destructive pest that destroys crops, primarily corn.  It’s still very cute.

Euphorbia Obesa Flowers

Euphorbia Obesa 2

Euphorbia Obesa 2

Euphorbia Obesa 3

I was in heaven when I found this beautiful specimen plant at the last CSSSJ plant sale.  It’s common name is the baseball plant.  I think it looks more like a dead sea urchin.

Honey Bee Close Ups

I believe this bee may have stung Cashew only because my cats have been really curious about the insects flying around the patio and frequently swat at them.  Well about 2 days ago, Cashew exhibited the most bizarre behavior.  She started running back and forth as if she got stung for more than a minute.  I’ve never seen this behavior before.  Who knows what really happened to the bee, but it is possible that it’s the bee that may have stung Cashew.

Upright Deceased Honey Bee

Honey Bee Close up on Sunflower Leaf

I never knew ferns could bloom till I observed asparagus fern flowers.

Asparagus Fern 2

Asparagus Fern 3

Asparagus Fern 4

Asparagus Fern 5

The Hover Fly

Hoverfly 2

Hoverfly 1

Hoverfly 3

Hoverfly 4

Hummingbirds like sage too

Hummingbird and Salvia flower

Cashew checking out a bumble bee

Cashew checking out a bumble bee

Cricket, it’s what’s for dinner.

Kiwi and Cricket

Yarrow flowers attract itty bitty Carpet Beetles!

Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles on Yarrow Flower

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