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Go native or go home!

Wow, I am so thrilled I was able to snap some pictures of these great beneficial insects on my roof/patio!  Here is an update to the labeling.  Three months after the original post, I have been able to identify the weird “native bee” as actually a Hover Fly.

The Garden of Good and Beetles

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Rummaging for Rose Hips in Downtown San Jose

We haven’t quite reached the end of summer even though it’s already almost November and everyone’s asking me what are my plans for Thanksgiving.

The Victorian house I live in is surrounded by lots of well established roses which had their rose petals fall already.  This week I looked up at the rose bushes and saw these beautifully vibrant colored rose hips.  So I did what any horticulture blogger would do!  I harvested some of them.  I will get my neighbors involved if I like the outcome.  After I collected them, I asked my buddy Mark for recommendations on how to use the rose hips.  I consider him to be an expert in this field as he is English and has experience with growing roses.  His reccomendation was to brew the tea with dried rose hips or fresh ones.  After smelling the fresh rose hips, I have decided to let them dry out first.

I’ve got the world on a stick

I got invited to a fabulous Burning Man party last weekend and as part of participating, we were asked to contribute food and drinks.  Here you can see, I’ve put Henrik (my new love) to work on building these caprese h’orderves on a toothpick.  Mozzarella and tomatoes were purchased at the store.  I will get my act together and grow my own tomatoes next season!  The basil came from my roof garden.  Nonetheless, everybody LOVED Henrik’s caprese h’orderves and couldn’t stop complimenting him on how delicious they were.  The party was a total success as well!  We all had a blast!  I even sang my first karaoke, which was Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.  People did cheer me on when I hit the high notes, so I must have not sucked…  🙂

Henrik : the Capresinator

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