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I have skills

Black Beetle

Thanks to my friend Bob’s encouragement, I was able to fiddle with my camera and get this shot of a Black Beetle on my Vanda orchid a week ago. If you zoom in on the picture, click on this image and then click on it again in the new page, you can see the beetle’s long hook like nails used to climb plants I suppose. He’s definitely in the “benefical instect” category.

We’re havin a heat wave, a tropical heat wave..

I’ve been singing this song for the last four days, because we had a BIG heat wave last Thursday.  Half of each pot of my herb and flower seedlings got wiped out!

Affected worst were Catnip, Purple Basil, Sun Flower, Foxglove (totally kaput now), Allysium.

The contenders were Four O Clocks, Mint, Succulents (Cape Blanco and Lithops), and all my other plants that were in the shade,  and lemon tree.

Here are the pictures of what remains:

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