I suppose one could only assume this is my personal wish list for Santa Clause this year.  It’s not necessarily so, as I’m a custom / made to order freak!  I love these ideas I’m about to share with you, so get excited!  🙂

Daniel Ratcliff art

I met this very young gentleman at the Campbell Farmers Market about a month ago and purchased one of his prints called “Horsetail with Dragonfly”.  He ‘s such a pleasant guy to talk to.  Anyways, his art is astoundingly detailed and beautiful.


Dandelion with Butterfly

Paula Hayes

Paula Hayes is an interesting one since her works of art vastly vary in scale.  She designs flora inspired little terrarium necklaces  to  huge modern art museum installations.  Check her out at her website!


Plants on Walls – now here’s something I’ve wanted for over a year!

Not only are these living art installations in your home/balcony, they tend to be very low maintenance.  My ideal plants on walls would be on my roof/patio full of native plants from my area (the Bay Area of California).


Terrariums!  Everybody loves them and they’re so trendy now!  The following site is run by Amy Bryant who coauthored the book Terrarium Craft (which I own and LOVE!)

Black Plants.  Great present for the rock n roller or goth in your life.