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One of the cutest stores I found in Tampere Finland – Taito Shop

I had my boyfriend Henrik drop me off here while he caught up with his college friends at a pub across the street called The Office.  I probably spend hours at Taito.  Everything was soo cute.  The thick yarns you see are called “t shirt” yarn in America.  They are very easy to find in Finland and are most commonly used to make carpets.

Lenin Museum (Lenin-Museo) in Tampere Finland

This was a very unique museum.  Lenin has a history in Tampere Finland so it’s not that random that there should be a museum dedicated to him in Tampere.

In Nokia Land and Angry Birds Land for the holidays (Tampere, #Finland)

Terve folks!  (that means Hello in Finnish).  I’ve been visiting Tampere, Finland for the last 10 days and I have 6 more to go.  The purpose of my visit was to meet my boyfriend’s family for the first time.  It’s been wonderful to experience Suomi (Finnish) holiday traditions with Henrik’s family.  They have made me feel so welcome, that once in a while I slip Mom and Dad when I talk about his parents!  :-p

I will upload my pictures intermittently.

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