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What a fantastic way to refocus attention on our future!

Since watching Forks over Knives, I have started eating a plant based diet and am feeling great. I haven’t given up seafood or cheese though just yet. I never buy milk anymore since I learned the inhumane treatment of cows udders to obtain the milk. Here is an excellent post about the dairy addiction must of us have. You hear many people saying “I’m addicted to cheese” and there is a scientific reason for this. I suppose ideally I would have my own goats and make my own cheese like Heidi. Check out how she makes her own cheese.

Soul Searching Vegan

To keep with the informative theme I have going so far, I thought I’d discuss a major issue for those who have thought about veganism, Dairy. I’ve gotten many emails from readers stating they want to go vegan, but just can not live without cheese. They describe it almost as an addiction they have and cannot give up. The thing is, they’re right when they say they are addicted to cheese and other dairy products because that is precisely what it is, addictive, disease causing, and fattening.

Dairy products are said to be essential to life, that we need them to grow, and have to have it for calcium to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. This multibillion dollar industry has persuaded doctors, the government, and consumers that dairy products are necessary for a healthy diet, three times a day at that too. However, many studies would say otherwise. Research conducted at…

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Look what I found! An itty bitty bee hive in the corner of my patio!

Bee Hive

Looking forward to a year of attracting #beneficialinsects! #Bless #motherearth and our #greenplanet!


Gifts for Gardeners

I suppose one could only assume this is my personal wish list for Santa Clause this year.  It’s not necessarily so, as I’m a custom / made to order freak!  I love these ideas I’m about to share with you, so get excited!  🙂

Daniel Ratcliff art

I met this very young gentleman at the Campbell Farmers Market about a month ago and purchased one of his prints called “Horsetail with Dragonfly”.  He ‘s such a pleasant guy to talk to.  Anyways, his art is astoundingly detailed and beautiful.

Dandelion with Butterfly

Paula Hayes

Paula Hayes is an interesting one since her works of art vastly vary in scale.  She designs flora inspired little terrarium necklaces  to  huge modern art museum installations.  Check her out at her website!

Plants on Walls – now here’s something I’ve wanted for over a year!

Not only are these living art installations in your home/balcony, they tend to be very low maintenance.  My ideal plants on walls would be on my roof/patio full of native plants from my area (the Bay Area of California).

Terrariums!  Everybody loves them and they’re so trendy now!  The following site is run by Amy Bryant who coauthored the book Terrarium Craft (which I own and LOVE!)

Black Plants.  Great present for the rock n roller or goth in your life.

We’re havin a heat wave, a tropical heat wave..

I’ve been singing this song for the last four days, because we had a BIG heat wave last Thursday.  Half of each pot of my herb and flower seedlings got wiped out!

Affected worst were Catnip, Purple Basil, Sun Flower, Foxglove (totally kaput now), Allysium.

The contenders were Four O Clocks, Mint, Succulents (Cape Blanco and Lithops), and all my other plants that were in the shade,  and lemon tree.

Here are the pictures of what remains:

I moved about 10 miles south

The larger pots were heavy enough to maintain stability but I used my trusty crate from college to transport the smaller plants. There were a few flower pots that had slugs and worms on their bottoms that were very muddy so I decided to leave them at the old place. I figured the new tenants would have a nice cheerful greeting from their new purple pansies!

I have moved downtown to a loft that has a patio about 25% the size of the prior patio. I’ll have less space to work with, but I don’t foresee that to be a problem just yet. It wasn’t like I was utilizing all of the space at the old place anyway.

Citronella’s future self

Citronella in 2012

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