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Tre Magnifique Anatomica Bee and Beetle Models from the 19th century

19th century papier-mâché anatomical bee and beetle models

This is sooo fabulous!


19th century papier-mâché anatomical bee and beetle models.

Knowledge is power. I never would have thought about the ethics of foraging, but thanks to Alrie Middlebrook’s recommendation, I read this article and have a deeper understanding of the responsibilites a forager must realize to treat nature respectfully.

SF Natural History Series

When he was a boy, Jonah Raskin’s father used to take them out down the beach at low tide,  and below the water line looking for clams. They’d occasionally fall into arguments with their neighbors, but his father — a lawyer — knew his business, the property line stops at the waterline. He also brought home perhaps another important lesson — don’t take home more than you need.

Jonah Raskin now lives on an old farm in Sonoma, and gleans from old orchard trees,  a neighbor farmer lets him pick what he needs from his fields, and goes out know and again for mushrooms.

Mushroom pickers delight in sharing recipes for their finds, but are notoriously secretive about their locations. Locations are jealously guarded secrets because people fear coming back to their spot and finding nothing left.

Leaving something behind is a big part of a foragers ethic — not…

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What a fantastic way to refocus attention on our future!

The 1600 Report

(CNN) — The White House often extends dinner invitations to its friends across the globe. From Downing Street to Hollywood Boulevard, the executive branch rolls out it’s own version of the red carpet hosting State Dinners for queens and kings, prime ministers and other heads of state.

But this time, the invitations were not intended for the likes of  Queen Elizabeth or George Clooney and the attendees who arrived at the White House on Monday were not commanders of countries or glitterati.  In fact many of them stood less than five feet tall, girls in breezy summer dresses, hair adorned with bows or flowers and boys clothed in crisp white shirts, ties knotted tightly at their necks. As they walked across the tiled floor, pausing to give interviews to the press, many of them were surprisingly confident despite their short stature and lack of political sway.

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Since watching Forks over Knives, I have started eating a plant based diet and am feeling great. I haven’t given up seafood or cheese though just yet. I never buy milk anymore since I learned the inhumane treatment of cows udders to obtain the milk. Here is an excellent post about the dairy addiction must of us have. You hear many people saying “I’m addicted to cheese” and there is a scientific reason for this. I suppose ideally I would have my own goats and make my own cheese like Heidi. Check out how she makes her own cheese.

Soul Searching Vegan

To keep with the informative theme I have going so far, I thought I’d discuss a major issue for those who have thought about veganism, Dairy. I’ve gotten many emails from readers stating they want to go vegan, but just can not live without cheese. They describe it almost as an addiction they have and cannot give up. The thing is, they’re right when they say they are addicted to cheese and other dairy products because that is precisely what it is, addictive, disease causing, and fattening.

Dairy products are said to be essential to life, that we need them to grow, and have to have it for calcium to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. This multibillion dollar industry has persuaded doctors, the government, and consumers that dairy products are necessary for a healthy diet, three times a day at that too. However, many studies would say otherwise. Research conducted at…

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Look what I found! An itty bitty bee hive in the corner of my patio!

Bee Hive

Looking forward to a year of attracting #beneficialinsects! #Bless #motherearth and our #greenplanet!


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