I’m really happy I made the 2 hour trip up to Santa Rosa with Greg (President of the Board of Full Circle Farm) to check out the Heirloom Expo.  There were a few new seed vendors I discovered and bought plenty of seeds for next year’s season!  Here are some of the vendors I checked out :

Aztec Dahlias:

This was my favorite new vendor find!  I really enjoyed the gigantic blossoms that were displayed and were for sale.  Unfortunately, since dahlias and their tubers are seasonal, there were none for sale.  They are currently taking orders for tubers that will be available early next year.  Orders can be placed on their website.  I will definitely be ordering the Elsie Houston and the Vassio Magos.

Living Earth Structures

Living Earth Structures

Tree Line Tear Drops

These mini trailer thingies are so cool.  They run at around $10k.  They look really cozy complete with a small 2 person bed inside and come with a cooking unit!

Car Camper

Laughing Frog Farm

I bought Soghurm and Millet seeds from Laughing Frog Farm.  How unusual, right?

Peaceful Valley Farm

I bought some of my favorite green heirloom tomato seeds such as Aunt Ruby German, Evergreen, and Green Zebra.  They had 5 varieties of garlic and one type of shallot.  I also bought two varieties of seed garlic heads: Spanish Roja and Purple Italian Garlic.  The prices were very reasonable from what I can remember.  Remember, each clove is supposed to produce a whole head of garlic, so I only bought about 4 of them.

Natural Gardening Company

I had never heard of this seed company, but I am so happy I got to meet them!  Surprisingly, this was the only vendor that sold seed potatoes.  They were sold for $14/lb.  I had to try some out so I bought only 5 small pieces.  I love exotic salad greens and was so impressed by their selection!  I purchased sorrel, epazote, summer savory, lovage, and 2 kinds of mache.

Botanical Interests

I love this seed company.  They got me into sprouting with their cool sprout seed packets.  I didn’t pick up anything from them at the Heirloom Expo, because nothing really jumped out at me.  They are always available at Suncrest Nurseries.


From the website, “A Fibershed is a geographical landscape that defines and gives boundaries to a natural textile resource base. Awareness of this bioregional designation engenders appreciation, connectivity, and sensitivity for the life-giving resources within our homelands.”

Rebecca Burgess, Founder of Fibershed