Echeveria Compton Carousel VS Aeonium Sunburst

I’ve been on the hunt looking for these mysterious plant with cream and green variegated leaves with some leaves only cream colored (like an albino).  I saw them very infrequently and almost not at all at stores. Even if they were at stores the price would be too steep. I did manage to get a cutting in Monterey, which I am waiting to plant. I also purchased the Aeonium Sunburst at the SF Garden Show last weekend (for $5 – not bad). It’s pretty small.

I did do some research on the net and learned more about the plants I was seeking out.

Reading the descriptions below, there are two main ways to identify the plants from one other. The echeveria grows in small tight clumps and doesn’t get tall, whereas the aeonium will get 1-2 feet tall with branches of new rosettes extending out of the main stem. The echeveria will flower yellow and red blossoms and the aeonium will flower white blossoms.

Here are the two plants that are very confusing for me to identify:

Echeveria Secunda “Compton Carousel”

Category: Succulent
Family: Crassulaceae (Stonecrops)
Origin: Mexico
Flower Color: Red & Yellow
Bloom Time: Summer
Synonyms: Lenore Dean
Height: < 1 Foot
Width: Clumping
Exposure: Sund or Shade
Drought Tolerant: Yes
Irrigation: Low water needs
Winter Hardiness: 15-20 F

The Aeonium Sunburst or Copper Pinwheel

Aeonium Sunburst

Category: Succulent
Family: Crassulaceae (Stonecrops)
Origin: Canary Islands (Atlantic Ocean)

The Canary Islands

Variegated Foliage: Yes
Flower color: White
Boomtime: Summer
Synonyms: Decorum triculor, Luteoveriegatum
Height: 1-2 feet
Width: 1-2 feet
Exposure: Full Sun
Seaside: Yes
Drought Tolerant: Yes
Irrigation: Low water needs
Winter hardiness: 25-30 F

Aeonium Variegata, Aeonium 'Suncup', Aeonium castello-paivae f. variegata

Young Aeonium Sunburst Cristata

Aeonium Sunburst Cristata with Fanning Stem