Salad Tables and Salad Boxes.

I saw these Salad Tables on Martha Stewart’s show.  They look like the perfect way to grow your own salad greens if you have a sunny spot on your patio.  I have created my own salad table at home.  Instead of building my salad table with wood, I bought a plastic storage bin and drilled holes in it and put it on a plastic tool shelf.  Since plastic is very durable, it’s done just great over the winter.

Garden Table

These storage bins can be found anywhere (Target, Orchard Supply, or Home Depot).  What’s fantastic about these bins is that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and even colours.  Just drill the bottoms with an electric screw driver with the thickest drill bit you can find so that the holes are sizeable and functional to water drainage.  Holes about the size of 1 cm or less than 0.5 inches are preferable.  This setup gave me instant gratification because I felt like I built my own little farm.  I could grow salad on a larger scale that made sense for regular consumption.  For some reason I couldn’t get my spinach, mesculin, and okra to grow successfully.  Next time I plant seeds, I will try moving the salad table to a sunnier location of my patio.

Here is my very own salad table:

Salad table for the carpentering disabled